Guest Information

Hello! And welcome.

Guests, Extended family, friends, colleagues (maybe even your boss) are always welcome.

NOTE: Be prepared to be met by our friendly and courteous staff and to receive excellent service from the moment you arrive. And before your visit be sure to read our extremely strict and very stuffy guest policies below (totally kidding, we are really nice).


  • Member parking is available for, well members, and guests of members
  • Visitors are to park in designated areas for tournaments and events etc. 
  • Our attentive valet staff will park your car (which is so convenient) during specified times - club sponsored events, during formal dining hours etc.
  • It is NOT cool to park in the entrance driveways, covered club entrance or near other club entrances because it is against the rules - the Fire Marshal rules for emergency access/egress

Mobile Devices:

  • Common sense is key with mobile devices at the club 
    • Just be discreet
    • Obviously turn all devices to silent/vibrate
    • Try to answer calls, email or message when necessary
      (important or emergency situations)


No, just no. Smoking is prohibited in all CCSF buildings.

Dress Code:

We recommend using your sound judgement when considering your outfit for:

  • A special event or meeting
  • A formal dinner or a casual bite
  • A tennis match
  • A round of golf
  • A day at the pool

Here are some helpful (and stylish) dress code reminders:


  • Members, family of members, and guests of members are requested to wear attire appropriate for the occasion or event
  • Attire that is ripped, torn and/or in need cleaning or repair, is not considered appropriate

Golf (Championship and Executive course):

  • Appropriate attire for golfers 14 years of age and over includes;
  • Cut-offs, tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops and short shorts are not acceptable
  • Suitable tshirts are acceptable for children under the age of 14
  • Spikeless golf shoes, teaching shoes or tennis shoes only are approved for golf
  • Any junior golfer who has been granted "pace of play" status, must adhere to the adult dress code


  • Appropriate tennis attire
  • Cut-offs, tshirts, tank tops, halter tops and short shorts are not acceptable
  • Suitable tee shirts are acceptable for children under the age of 14
  • Shoes must have non-marking soles

Those not adhering to these guidelines will be asked (nicely) to change or to leave the facility.